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Regularised C24 Kiln Dried Treated


Planed and Regularised all round with eased edges (due to being regularised the actual size is reduced). C24 graded structural timber is a stronger, more demanding grade and has fewer/smaller knots than C16. C24 is best used where higher loads or wider spans are required. Treated timber is suitable for use externally, in wet areas or where the timber will be coming into contact with the ground.

Timber protected from insect and fungal attack. Lengths range from 2.4M to 7.2M.

Our range of sizes:

38mm x 50mm (1.5 x 2)
47mm x 75mm (2 x 3)
47mm x 100mm (2 x 4)
47mm x 125mm (2 x 5)
47mm x 150mm (2 x 6)
47mm x 175mm (2 x 7)
47mm x 200mm (2 x 8)
47mm x 225mm (2 x 9)
47mm x 250mm (2 x 10)
75mm x 100mm (3 x 4)
75mm x 150mm (3 x 6)
75mm x 175mm (3 x 7)
75mm x 200mm (3 x 8)
75mm x 225mm (3 x 9)
75mm x 250mm (3×10)



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